Hatred will not be America’s new normal


Seeing people in Texas pulling together to help one another regardless of race, religion or economic background is exactly how the majority of Americans feel about their fellow Americans. People all over the U.S. give their time and money to help those in need. The media seems to pounce on any negative race-hating news like this is the new norm in America.

It is not.

The anger and violence we all witnessed in Charlottesville is the extremist on the outside of the normal bell curve.

Everyone should remember the bell curve that we learned in school where 68 percent fall into the average range, 14 percent below and above average range and the remaining 1 or 2 percent on each side fall into the extreme range. This model fits how people feel about one another in our country. Most of us fall into the 68 percent range of caring for each other, regardless of race or social standing. The 14 percent on each side are not going to extend themselves and are hesitant to embrace other cultures. The one to two percent on the other hand are loud and outspoken extremists wanting to push their misguided agenda of fear and mistrust on anyone willing to listen.

Fear, envy, ignorance and entitlement seem to encompass these extreme views and are often the fuel for hatred. These extremists wrongfully feel that their misfortunes in life are due to another’s race or it is a class of people taking from them. People in fear often act irrationally, without forethought. Should our elected officials behave the same way? Why would several politicians act irrationally as well by allowing the destruction of historic monuments? The actions of destroying historical monuments come close to burning books and banning free speech, which are acts of fascism. History can never be rewritten but it can become lost; and all the valuable lessons we learned from it will be lost, as well.

The ideology and actions of the white supremacists’ groups are appalling, as well as the actions of militant, anti-fascist Antifa, whose members were caught recently beating and berating students at the University of California in Berkeley. Forcible suppression of opposition is fascism by its very definition; so why would a group called Antifa, who say they are against fascism, actually act in a fascist manner?

Most Americans treat each other with respect; and if we disagree, we can do it without being disagreeable. Hate groups wear the cloak of victimhood, blaming others for not having what they feel entitled to have. If you truly want change, you have to change how you think.