Warren bond action was done well


As a member of the Citizens for a Better Government committee and after meeting with the City of Warren administration each month this year, I would like to offer an orchid to Auditor Vince Flask of the City of Warren.

I offer this accolade based on his recent bond refunding efforts which will save the City of Warren almost $640,000. Just weeks before Vince became auditor, the city’s bond rating was significantly reduced leaving him with an extremely unfavorable environment for future borrowing or any type of bond refunding.

Having been through the process of selling municipal bonds / bond refunding myself, I know first-hand how difficult a task this can be even under the best circumstances. Instead of just accepting the circumstances, Vince remained diligent in his efforts and was able to take advantage of an opportunity when it presented itself. This is a great example of one of our elected officials, specifically our auditor, doing exactly what the taxpayers of Warren should expect.