Reject hate and embrace progress


This past week 67 former state attorneys general released a letter denouncing hatred unequivocally. Their statement also encouraged members of the public to do the same. This letter is written in response to that request.

It appears to have become all the rage as of late for different types of bigots to gather themselves in one spot and put on rallies celebrating white supremacy.

Hate and prejudice defile humanity. The ones responsible for the violence in Charlottesville were the Neonazis, KKK zealots and other terrorists that suck their beliefs from ideological sewers. No person worth venerating has ever lived an existence that was centered around the persecution of others.

The events and mayhem in Virginia should not be the sole place of focus for what is happening in this country, by the way. There are others; to know them is to see or read them, the characters all the same. They all tend to have a simple-minded, misguided rationale behind them. It is never impressive. It is weak, and there are late-night infomercials that are more inspiring.

Those people in the photos and video clips, clutching Confederate flags or wearing Nazi swastikas and waving torches, they don’t know history and are ignorant of our Constitution. Their hive mind fails to see the truth: this country was built by many different kinds of people and continues to be built by an even greater variety of people.

Our society’s advancement flourishes at the works wrought by an ever-growing mix of demographics. That fire of diversity beneath the world’s melting pot can’t be snuffed out. This is America. There are powerful forces at work in that mighty flame. Whatever the perspective, this national diversity benefits us.

Science in schools and universities is advanced by knowledge and guided experimentation, a world open to anyone that desires to go the path of exploration. Teams of researchers learn from one another, building towards a better understanding of the universe. Nowhere within such a system does hate have a purpose. It is merely a destructive distraction.

Those baptized are asked to reject Satan and all his empty promises. Hatred is an empty promise. Those that buy into it think it will get them somewhere. It will not. Hatred is the opposite of fulfillment, devoid of anything noble and utterly pathetic. The burning crosses, hoods and fascist salutes are a corruption of the body and mind, tatters of broken egos with nothing to offer. Excellence is forever beyond the fool that gives in to malice.

Reject hate and embrace progress.