Letters to the editor

Cooperation needed from both sides


In an editorial, The Tribune Chronicle seemed to argue that Democrats should not oppose Donald Trump, because the people of Trumbull County accepted Donald Trump’s message and voted for him as President. The same message also appeared in a number of letters to the editor.

The fact is the Republican party has made it standard practice to declare war on Democrat presidents from the time they were elected. This could be seen during the Clinton presidency when dozens of Republican politically motivated investigations that were paid for with taxpayer money yielded nothing, with the exception of Monica Lewinsky. And it could be seen during the last presidency, when the American credit rating was lowered and when many Americans lost their jobs during a government shut down because of Republican obstructionism. It could also be seen when Republican supported organizations portrayed Bill Clinton as a murdering rapist and Barack Obama as a backwards African tribesman with a bone in his nose.

If there is any hope that reconciliation will move this country forward, it will lie with Donald Trump and the Republican Congress working with the Democrats in good faith and not with Democrats agreeing to be Republicans. We need cooperation from both sides, not hypocrisy.



Decades of Clinton loyalty rewarded


The sage of the anti-Trump cronies, columnist Robert Reich, on his latest attack on President Donald Trump and his cabinet should have clicked his ruby red slippers together and returned to the 1960s when he and the Clintons first met in college.

Reich has been a loyal Clinton worshipper ever since. For his loyalty, he was anointed with a cabinet post, accompanied by a bevy of Clinton loyalists.

Criticizing Trump’s favoritism and forgetting his past occupation seems a tad one-sided, but being unfair and criticizing is what the left does best.

An epitaph for a lefty nemesis: To, “won’t you be my neighbor” Scott Pelley. “Gone without existence” from CBS News.


Newton Falls

Late Scoutmaster lived life of service


Jim Potjunas lived a life in the service of others. He was our Scoutmaster. He was a leader, teacher, cook, medic, mentor, guardian. He was a scout and guide. Mr. P. was trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. He was an Eagle. He was a friend. He was a seminal figure in the lives of generations of young men.

On a day like today memories come flooding back. The nights under the stars, the miles on the trails, the blue paint upon river rocks, the hours of conversation. Adding them up is probably an impossibility, but every one of them are embedded upon our souls.

We now lay his memories with the ashes of what were once great trees. May our lives be like Jim’s life, lives of service.

His day is done, gone the sun, from the lake, from the hills, from the sky; All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Goodnight Scout.



Cat organization offers help


There is a wonderful organization here in Warren that helps with the overpopulation of unwanted and feral cats.

TNR of Warren has traps people can borrow to humanely catch feral cats.

“You trap, they neuter and then you release them and keep feeding them, of course.”

The great thing is, no more kittens born to suffer and die with no one at all to help them.

Check them out on Facebook. These volunteers, Corky and all the others, are compassionate, caring friends to so many cats that would live a life of cat fights, litter after litter.

They saved a cat I brought in and paid for a surgery after they saw it was suffering from a terrible infection.

The more cats that are fixed, the less overpopulation in our neighborhoods.

If you can, please help them. The contact number of the TNR, Angels for Animals is 330-330-8166.

Call to get a trap or a cat fixed. Donations are always appreciated.

TNR deserves thanks for being angels to so many helpless beings.



Give President Trump a chance


Republicans dodged the bullet once again by failing to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act which could very well cost them the midterm election.

There is no good replacement for the ACA; it just needs to be repealed. If the GOP was smart they would let it totally fail and implode along with the Democrats who supported the ACA. Government has no business in health care and needs to stay out of it altogether. Health care is a service, not a right, and the ACA has now made it un-affordable for many families including mine. If anyone thinks $18,000 a year for health care insurance for a family of four with a $12,800 family deductible is affordable, they’re either a multi-millionaire or are living in the land of Oz.

Did people die by the thousands prior to the ACA? No, because those that purchased health insurance or paid the doctor were charged a higher price to make up for those that used the services but never paid. The media is going to strike fear into the hearts of everyone by telling them without the ACA people will die, which is total rubbish.

Health care is complex, and the main problem is the cost of services, not the cost of insurance. If the government must have its hands in the mix, it must attack the root problem — cost of services. Why can Congress pass a farm bill, which, among other things, sets limits on how high or low milk prices can be in different regions of the country and fail to do the same for health care?

No wonder Americans are bewildered by this issue. According to the mainstream media, we are now confused about what bathroom to use. Here are some more confusing facts to ponder. Why do we always hear that social security is running out of money and never hear that welfare and food stamp programs are running out of money? Why is social security considered an entitlement program if the employee pays half, employer pays the other half and the government pays nothing? Why would anyone think that government could manage health care if it fails to manage social security funds?

It’s easy to blame everyone but yourself for failures. It’s time to grow up America. The reason Donald Trump won the election was to give back the power to the individuals and to promote job growth and equal trade agreements.

Shouldn’t we all give him a chance?



57 things Trump has accomplished


What Has Trump Done Since Taking Office?

Here are 57 things: Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch; 59 missiles dropped in Syria; took us out of ‘TPP’; Illegal immigration is now down 70 percent, the lowest in 17 years; Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index 125.6; mortgage applications for new homes rise to a seven-year high; arranged 20 percent tariff on soft lumber from Canada; bids for border wall are well underway; pulled out of the lopsided Paris Accord; Keystone pipeline approved; NATO allies boost spending by 4.3 percent; allowing Veterans Administration to terminate bad employees; allowing private healthcare choices for veterans.

More than 600,000 jobs created; median household income at a seven-year high; stock market is at the highest ever in its history; China agreed to American importing of beef; $89 billion saved in regulation rollbacks; rollback of a regulation to boost coal mining; MOAB for ISIS; travel ban reinstated; executive order for religious freedom; jump started NASA; $600 million cut from UN peacekeeping budget; targeting of MS13 gangs.

Deporting violent illegal immigrants; signed 41 bills to date; created a commission on child trafficking; created a commission on voter fraud; created a commission for opioids addiction; giving power to states to drug test unemployment recipients; unemployment lowest since may 2007; historic Black College University initiative; women In Entrepreneurship Act; created an office for illegal immigrant crime victims; reversed Dodd-Frank; repealed DOT ruling which would have taken power away from local governments for infrastructure planning; order to stop crime against law enforcement; ended Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, DAPA program; stopped companies from moving out of America; promoted businesses to create American jobs; encouraged country to once again “Buy American and Hire American!”

Cutting regulations, two for every one created; review of all trade agreements to make sure they are “America First”; apprentice program; highest manufacturing surge in three years; $78 Billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota; denied FBI a new building; $700 million saved with F-35 renegotiation; saves $22 million by reducing White House payroll; Department of the Treasury reports a $182 billion surplus for April 2017, second largest in history; negotiated the release of six U.S. humanitarian workers held captive in Egypt; gas prices lowest in more than 12 years; signed Executive Order promoting energy independence and economic growth.

President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman; has already accomplished more to stop government interference into people’s lives than any President in the history of America; has given head executive of each branches six month time frame dated March 15 2017, to trim the fat and restructure and improve efficacy of their branch.

Observe the pushback, the leaks, the lies, the hysterics as entrenched POWER refuses to go “silently into the night.”