Investigation of Trump a witch hunt?


I was led to believe that the investigation of President Trump by a special prosecutor was to be limited to the discovery as to whether there was any connection of collusion by Trump and the Russian government in regard to the 2016 election.

This investigation of Trump has now gone on for nearly one year and yet, nothing has been found. But the inquiries continue.

Currently, the investigation has expanded to look into Trump’s financial dealings going back many years when he was a private citizen.

The part I find most confusing is there never was any investigation into Hillary Clinton’s shredding of 33,000 emails, the controversial Clinton Foundation or the huge amount of money garnered by Bill Clinton for speaking at a financial corporation in Russia.

This is nothing more than a witch hunt by the mainstream media, Democrats and many spineless, cowardly Republicans, who frankly despise Trump.

I say prove something or allow him to be what he was elected by the people to be: president of the United States of America.

Now jeopardizing his presidency are the leaks of two of Trump’s phone conversations with other heads of state. People, this is truly frightening and should concern every American regardless of political affiliations as it threatens our right of privacy and liberties as guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

Not only were they leaked, but the transcripts were printed by The Washington Post for all of the world to see, which indicates how much the Democratic Party is connected to the mainstream media.