Organizing to beat injection wells


It’s unconscionable and unreasonable for the state to expect oil and gas industry class II injection wells could co-exist in urbanized, populated locations. Collateral consequences are earthquakes, lightning strike fires, spills, home devaluers, well-water contamination and more.

However, Brookfield, state Route 7 north, is a site for two, potentially five, Class II wells.

Two drilling well permits were approved in June. If drilling is successful, two injection permits require approval by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

They are for toxic waste (misleadingly referred to as salt water) generated by hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells. Salt water does not catch fire. Hazardous waste does.

This is to clarify efforts opposing Class II injection well locations — not opposition to fracking. Everyone is encouraged to join in Brookfield’s effort to become informed about public health and safety.

Recall Youngstown’s 2011 injection-well linked earthquake, and traffic flow will hamper fire and ambulance services located on state Route 7, a two-lane road.

Trumbull County has more Class II wells than the entire state of Pennsylvania. Some Pennsylvania waste is transported here for disposal. One wonders what Pennsylvania understands that Ohio doesn’t. Perhaps Pennsylvania has protective, enforceable environmental laws.

Wells are not a positive investment in this community. Another misconception is that wells would create jobs here.

Brookfield’s case will be won or lost on science, health and safety. What about humanitarian concerns? The access road to both wells would be beside Wyngate Manor on state Route 7. Imagine large, loud, smelly tanker trucks delivering toxic waste daily.

Obviously, greed trumps humanitarian needs. ODNR’s decision-makers would never tolerate wells within 500 feet of their homes, but decided it was OK for Brookfield homes that have access to only well water.

What about the golden rule? “Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you.”

ODNR should examine its collective conscience and revoke drilling permits. Site owners should withdraw applications. Surely there are more remote locations as suitable for Class II wells.

Just because Ohio law permits injection wells within 500 feet of homes doesn’t make it right. Ohio urgently needs updated laws, and replacing politicians is the key.

Let’s investigate whose campaigns receive contributions from oil and gas. Follow the money!

Thank you to Trustee Haun for offering insight at the July meeting.

This is a David and Goliath fight. This Goliath is great wealth, greed and unbridled power. We are organizing hard to win.

Input and advice are welcome. We are friendly and inclusive.