Letters to the editor – It’s time we support President Trump

Dear Editor:

When are the American people going to stand up and say “enough is enough?”

Enough of these investigations that have no substance or evidence of wrongdoing; enough of the progressive liberals grandstanding, obstructing, subverting and undermining the agenda of this newly elected president. When are we going to let it be known we are weary of the elite progressive liberals who are sabotaging the Donald Trump administration in an attempt to overthrow this presidency — sadly, Republicans among them?

The progressive liberals cannot accept the fact that the American people wanted Trump as their president and not Hillary Clinton. Electing her would have been more of what we were ridding ourselves of over the past eight years. Let’s face it, Hillary would have given us more of the same and the regular folks were finally taking a stand. Obama was, in his own words, out to fundamentally change America through redistribution of anything that would make everyone equal. Sorry, folks, but everyone is not equal. I would like to be rich, talented and famous like many others, but I am not.

What these progressive liberals, and some hateful Republicans, are doing is beyond shameful in that they will not make an effort for the sake of our country to participate in any way to help this nation move forward with the agenda of this president. It is disgraceful that many Republicans will not stand up to support him. It would be nice to see Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, et al, support Trump rather than constantly knocking him.

Donald Trump gave up a good life to step up to the plate to MAGA. He had everything and more than anyone could need for a great life and yet he saw what was happening to this country and stepped forward to offer change. He campaigned and he won! Yet the ugly progressive liberals will obstruct him in every way possible, even attacking his family, in order to subvert him and his agenda. Why did we not have investigations where there was evidence of foul play, i.e., the Clinton Foundation, Clinton’s ties to Benghazi, Obama’s “Fast and Furious” among many other misdeeds and Loretta Lynch, who met with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation. The list is endless; however, as serious as these things were, no one ever was prosecuted.

I implore the good American people who love this country, as we remember it, to stand up for it with all of their hearts. Make their voices heard by calling their senators and representatives in support of President Trump and his agenda.