Bad ideas from Niles officials


The people of Niles are getting exactly what they keep voting into office.

You have a mayor who can’t even feel the knife in his back. He keeps listening to the councilman-at-large who chaired the finance committee for about 20 years. If he had done his job, Niles may not be broke.

The voters keep voting him back into office, too.

Niles’ elected officials also authorized hiring Clemens Nelson to negotiate union contracts, so far at a cost of about $300,000. Almost all other mayors and service directors did this as part of their job at no extra cost.

Council wants to hire a director to run the Niles Wellness Center in the park, yet they already have a parks director that runs parks that are closed six months of the year.

Niles gets a new city treasurer that brings in more tax dollars than ever and now Council wants to close it down.

Remember when Niles farmed out the utility billing? What a mess that still is!

Niles’ new service director says there are no legal hurdles with farming out the tax department. He must be living in a dream because the city of Niles has a signed union contract through state law. Not even the government of Ohio can change that.