Why so fast on marijuana approval?


I am incensed that Warren’s city council passed unanimously a resolution to a medical facility to grow medical marijuana in the city so quickly.

I know the city was told that time was of the essence but I feel the taxpayers should have been allowed to vote on this issue. If something needs to be done that quickly then I think it raises many red flags and a thorough study by council should have been done before approval.

Medical marijuana may be legal in Ohio but, to me, it is still a drug and I am quite sure its usage, with or without a prescription, could lead to stronger and more addictive drugs for the users as time goes on. This area already suffers from a severe drug problem that has caused many deaths and has taken important time away from the police and other authorities.

Perhaps our focus should be on items that would have an impact on the majority of citizens in Warren. Our streets and roads are a disgrace and it affects each and every one of us. Shouldn’t that be considered a real emergency as opposed to this resolution?