We are all workers now in the U.S.


A recent letter said 24 million people will lose health care under “TrumpCare.” Only 11 million signed up for ObamaCare in the first place, making the 24 million claim patently false. ObamaCare’s cost to me was $60,000, as it marched toward its intended goal: FAILURE!

ObamaCare was authored by Jonathan Gruber, ultra-liberal MIT Economics professor, who called U.S. voters “unintelligent,” predicting that the left could sneak ObamaCare right by them. Who can forget Nancy Pelosi’s arrogant, insolent face saying, “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

ObamaCare, designed to fail, is doing so as we speak. Meant to create an immense system which relied on government-mandated healthcare insurance provided by private insurance companies, it drove up costs to force these insurance companies out of the market, creating the image that the insurance companies caused the failure. The entity positioned to step in would be the U.S. Government, resulting in socialist utopian single payer socialized medicine.

But something went wrong! Angry and overlooked Americans from across the political spectrum spoke and elected President Donald Trump, a successful, independent, patriotic businessman to “drain the swamp” and rid us of the self-serving political establishment class including both Democrat and Republican “swampers” Sherrod Brown and Dave Joyce, who focus on perpetuating their power. Many politicians are in the “swamper” boat, and must be replaced at the grass-roots level in the primaries.

The letter writer advises “swamper” Democrats to copy what he thinks is feigned pro-worker behavior by Trump, attacking Trump over his supposed anti-union orientation. Again, false, as we have seen union leaders consult with Trump, who wisely sought out their opinions to fan the Trump-kindled re-energizing of our economy. They loved him, and it is working, which anti-Trumpers hate most of all.

We must watch carefully as “swamper” divisionists try to divide us again. Pitting one group against the other in our society is the key feature of the political left, whose creator Karl Marx introduced “class warfare” in his Communist Manifesto. The goal is to create political and societal instability into which the left can swoop and take over. It worked for Vladimir Lenin, founder of Soviet Communism in 1917, who once said, “Trade Unions are the schools of communism.”

There are no non-workers in the new U.S. With or without organizations, we all inherently know that we need to work together to succeed. The term “worker” applies equally to all of us as citizens who care and know we must pull together again to succeed, like in the Revolution, World War II and the 2016 election.