Understand why you should buy locally


Buy locally — we have all read this in our newspaper time and time again.

There are some local governments — city, county, townships — which are not buying locally. Why?

Why are they not driven to buy General Motors vehicles? It’s probably because they get cheaper prices on other makes of vehicles, so they buy cheaper priced vehicles, but cheaper for whom, in the long run?

We have a wonderful GM facility in Lordstown that employs thousands of workers. The employees were always rated number 1 in their performance. It was Godsend when GM decided to build a plant in Lordstown giving jobs to thousands of people. Although Lordstown does not build the specific car models used by government agencies and these cars are built elsewhere, they would still be supporting General Motors.

Where would the surrounding areas be if GM decided to build this plant outside of this area?

With elimination of the third shift at Lordstown and shutting down in July for an extended three weeks’ vacation, who knows how long this plant will exist here.

If GM were to move out of this area, nothing is written in stone, will these employees be able to find other jobs? Will they join others on the unemployment line, just because officials chose another brand of vehicle because “we got it cheaper”?

Without the taxes paid by GM, plus the taxes GM employees are paying local government, there would be no alternative. The residents would be paying more taxes to keep the cities and municipalities from the red pen. It would be never-ending, and some municipalities can’t balance their budgets now.

I hope government leaders do the right thing and support General Motors. This still holds true: Buy local- Support local-Buy American.