TCSO wrong for airport security


Vienna Township has a reason to be extremely angry with the Western Reserve Port Authority’s decision to transfer its longtime contract for security at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport from Vienna Township Police to the Trumbull County’s Sheriff’s Office.

It can be guaranteed the level of service will decline because service is transferring to a department which is not local to the airport and has proven to be understaffed and overwhelmed. Try to get the response time from the sheriff that you would from Vienna Police.

If money is the issue, then why isn’t security service being provided by the cities of Youngstown and Warren, who are included in the airport’s name?

And so what if the decision made by Vienna trustees is based on “sour grapes.” Lack of funds and lack of representation at the airport have made it clear that the airport wants nothing to do with the community except to take up 1/6 of the township’s property without paying taxes.

As a Vienna resident, I feel comfortable saying we are upset with the port authority’s decisions which do not support this community, where taxpayers recently passed a police levy. Since none of those taxes come from the airport, I have no problem denying police backup to the airport.

I like having the airport as my next-door neighbor. I especially support the air base located there, and recently I enjoyed Thunder Over the Valley. My friends and family have flown in and out of the airport, and I would love to see growth centered around the airport.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that the airport views Vienna in the same neighborly way. The people of Vienna have been waiting since 1940 for increased traffic, and it hasn’t happened yet.

Your editorial wondered if Vienna is disowning the service the airport provides. What service? The one airline? The one restaurant inside that is open only two evenings a week? How many people from Vienna does the airport employ?

Vienna Township is fighting to stay afloat despite state budget cuts. The airport can help or the township needs to cut ties so it’s not dragged under with them. The port authority has an obligation to operate efficiently but also needs to ensure quality service is provided. That especially includes safety services.

Quality service will not be provided by the sheriff’s office. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”


Vienna Township