Sad state of affairs exists at VA


If President Donald Trump is as good a business man as he claims to be and has the expertise to change Washington, D.C., into a business model of efficiency, profitability and customer confidence, the first agency he needs to look at and change is the Veterans Administration.

The VA is bloated, inept and inconsistent, particularly when it comes to compensation rulings. VA secretaries have come and gone vowing to change the system, but it remains the same slow lumbering secretive organization of old. Even U.S. senators and congressmen can’t crack the veil.

I filed for compensation in May of 2014 and was, of course, denied. I appealed and had my hearing before a veterans board of appeal judge in May of 2015. In November of 2015, my appeal was remanded to Louisville, Ky., regional office for reconsideration. It has languished there since.

The VA having its layers of bureaucracy and secretiveness, it is impossible to get any information on the status of my claim. I wrote my congressman a form letter stating they are working on it and the backlog of claims has slowed the system down and that’s the end of the inquiry.

This is a sad state of affairs for any veteran having to do business with the VA. I can imagine a customer who had a complaint of a defective product of a company and it took that company over three years to remedy the compliant. That company would be out of business.