Primitive thinking about Trump


“Putting America First” is primitive thinking. You simply cannot exclude or cause others to be beholden to one at their own expense to make the other one “Great Again.”

The primitive thinkers who voted for Donald Trump believe in instant results for selfish outcomes. Trump is the prime example of that process of thinking. The definition of “first” as well as “Great” also must be understood beyond the primitive thought. That is what the true Christian understands. The greatness of Christ wasn’t born in an ivory tower with gold elevators, it was in a manger with fellow planet inhabitants — animals or “beasts of burden.”

Christ taught us to put each other “first” to better all of us. That works in economics and all aspects of life. We must balance that in our lives. It is a macro lesson not a micro lesson. Much like the golden rule is to be applied as a macro rule not a micro rule. People and primitive thinkers see only the “micro” side of rules. That is the selfishness of humanity. A selfish person says the golden rule does not work because when I am hungry I want meat; so, I will give a vegetarian meat when they are hungry. That does not work, so the rule is false. That is applying the rule incorrectly. To apply the rule correctly, when you are hungry you want meat, which is what you eat. So when vegetarians are hungry, you give them vegetables, what “they” eat. The hunger is quenched, not the specific manner. It’s not hard to understand if you are not a primitive thinker. That’s the same with the profit motive. It is not wrong to have a profit. It’s wrong to make profit your motive. That is selfish and ultimately self destructive.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an editorial filled with primitive thinking supporting Trump. They could not be more wrong. We have a government set up with a balance based on the specific needs of people with their representation. People elected to represent us have a responsibility to also know when to educate us on the issues. I have talked with people in rural areas worried about people in the cities moving into their area, changing their environment and way of life. I have said it’s in their best interest to support improving the cities to keep people from wanting to move to your area. The reverse is true because we need rural life for production of food.

It’s about balance. Trump has no balance.