Dems look foolish


I am sorry to say members of the Democratic Party have lost control of themselves and now have no common sense.

The fundamentals of their party have been lost, misplaced or forgotten — jobs, education for our children, better, affordable health care and illegals in our country. It seems their constituents have but one job, to disrupt, agitate and protest to get even for the fact that Hillary Clinton was not elected president.

They continue to hate the mainstream media news. They rent protesters, funded by George Soros. They try to create chaos and anarchy to destroy everything America stands for and to overthrow our government and prevent President Donald Trump from governing our country.

They continue to attack him. True Americans are tired of your destructive party of demonstrators burning our flag and denying free speech. I have noticed most liberals are not patriotic; they do not know what America stands for. We will not join your agenda of globalization, to make one world, one ruler and have no say in anything.

In 2016, we took you on, and in 2018 we will do it again at the ballot box. To ask citizens and noncitizens to resist and persist, this is demoralizing to your party.

There seems to be no adults in charge. You now have an organization called the OFA. There are 32,000 people across the country, supposed community organizers in this non-profit run by Michelle Obama and Jim Messina.

These people show up at town halls to disrupt conservative speakers. They say they are like the tea party. Not true. These people are not patriots, they are disruptors.

President Trump is dealing with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren that say he is failing and are hoping for his impeachment. The man has done more in 30 days than any other president in history to benefit us. I say back off; these two women come across as hateful. They show how low they can go since their party did not win. They never say anything positive on what he has accomplished with companies that no politician has ever paid attention to.

There is sickness in the Democratic Party that is spreading across this country. The leftovers from the Obama administration are working against President Trump as a “shadow government.”

Do the names Clapper, Brennan and Rice sound familiar? Let it be known, they will not win. The world is watching them destroy America. Right now the Democrats have nothing going for them, and this is the best they can come up with? This is sad.