Clearing name in Mecca


I wish to clear my name. My name is Diane Jurkovic, formerly known as Diane Drawl. I am not the current elected fiscal officer of Mecca Township, Debbie Drawl, under whose direction Mecca Township has been placed on the state auditor’s “unauditable list” due to incomplete records.

I was fiscal officer 1999 to 2014, nearly four complete terms until I resigned when I married and moved out of the township. Per Ohio Revised Code, I could no longer hold that position due to non-residency. During my tenure, I was unopposed for each election, and all audits proved that the records were properly maintained.

At the next election, the residents of Mecca Township elected Debbie Drawl. An assumption could be made that the residents thought they were re-electing the same Drawl who had been in office for nearly 16 years. Voters need to be knowledgeable about the candidates for whom they vote. Debbie Drawl is not Diane Drawl.

The real statewide issue, in my opinion, is that this position should require accounting educational credentials in order to hold this office. The financial reporting, tax compliance and the fund accounting knowledge that is needed is beyond just paying the township’s bills. As a CPA, I was grateful to have the background to assist with the understanding of the full responsibilities required. It’s a shame that Mecca Township’s records possibly will be unauditable. When I resigned, the records passed audit. Unfortunately, the residents of Mecca are not receiving full benefit from their elected officials due to the time being spent figuring out their financial position instead of concentrating on normal duties of township concern.