Only two classes of Americans?


Today Americans find themselves in the hands of what I view as the most problematic president in memory and the most anti-middleclass and anti-poor congress in history. This congress we have will equal the record or surpass that of the last congress, which has been described as the worst ever.

Our rights and liberties are not gifts from the government. They come from a long history of struggles by labor leaders, abolitionists, feminists and countless others who, with their beliefs in freedom and dignity, challenged an unjust and crooked system. We should learn from our past what these radicals did to keep America from heading into a plutocracy.

Just a few comments on President Donald Trump. His actions and remarks about women, disabled people, the disadvantaged, minorities and countries that are friends of the U.S. are typical of him and should make all Americans wary of what he is trying to do. Programs that were developed during the Obama administration and are beneficial to a number of Trump supporters will be cut under the Trump budget to help pay for the great wall and the defense build-up. The fact that these cuts to these social programs would hurt the very people who remain loyal to him and would vote for him again in 2020. Try to figure that out.

I believe his entire cabinet should be thrown out of office and congress wants to see America in the hands of corporate America and the tea party.

These anti-American senators and representatives have to go.

There has been a big shakeup in both houses because of things continuing the way they are. There will be only two classes of people left in America — the rich and the poor.

It will be the one percent ruling the 99 percent. Which one are you? Don’t let them take you into the sewer with them.


Hermitage, Pa.