Let’s keep our students in Mathews


On May 2 Mathews School levy failed again.

Times have been tough for our area, but however tough, times aren’t a reason to say “no” to our children.

Many of our children were saddened by the loss of the levy. They see the people of this community as not caring.

Besides this, losing a levy has effects on the community.

Housing values, business opportunities and jobs are directly affected by the schools.

Parents that don’t want to be in a community that won’t back a child’s education move to better districts. Why stay where children are not valued?

Is saving a few dollars more important than a child’s future?

The schools need more space for the ever-increasing technology that is demanded in our high-tech world. The schools must meet this demand.

Have any of these “no” voters visited the schools, spoken to the teachers, students or principals? Look around the schools. Ask questions.

Our schools are not the same as when we attended them. Think for yourself instead of listening to the nay-sayers. Investigate on your own.

You will be amazed at how hard the teachers, principals, secretaries and all the staff work and how proud they are of their work and community.

They wouldn’t be there if they did not work and were not proud.

Come on, Fowler and Vienna, be proud you have an excellent school system and excellent children in it!

Let’s keep our students instead of passing them on to other communities that care for their children.

Please pass the levy and make us proud again.