Drain Trumbull County’s swamp


At a time when Trumbull County flipped and voted for a crass Republican for president over a Democrat legend, you would think the local GOP could unify and become a competitive party for the first time in decades, but apparently not.

Randy Law, who is or was the party chairman, seems to have the entire Trumbull GOP against him. This became apparent during a vote where the party elected local businessman Kevin Wyndham to replace Mr. Law as chairman. Mr. Law insists this is all unmerited and was done incorrectly. Perhaps, but one could reason that when a group unanimously doesn’t support you, it may be a good time to step aside.

And what do we know about those attempting to take the reins? According to the State GOP, Mr. Wyndham failed on his first attempt to oust Mr. Law because he failed to either read or understand the by-laws. With something as serious and important as ousting the chairman, one would have thought Mr. Wyndham and his allies would have been thorough and diligent in their efforts. Now, this same group has apparently attempted to remove Mr. Law again. Similar to the first attempt, Mr. Law is contesting this action by claiming Mr. Wyndham has improperly applied the by-laws again.

So for a second time, the State GOP will have to render a decision. All the while, Mr. Wyndham’s compatriots, local GOP elected officials and board of elections employees, have been caught on two occasions publicly making obscene gestures directed at Mr. Law. How can the Trumbull GOP ever hope to be effective with such unfortunate and incompetent leadership on both sides? The Trumbull GOP needs a fresh start. Maybe the State GOP will reject both sides and pick someone who can truly lead without all the baggage, juvenile behavior and incompetence. Perhaps it is time to drain the Trumbull swamp so we, as voters, can be given the chance to have a wider choice of candidates at election time.