Vote ‘no’ on Mathews levy


We recently received a tax increase which is nothing compared to the increase we will get if the Mathews school bond issue passes. The issue is for 30 years, so may of us will never see it paid off. If the students remain in this area, they will be paying for it for half of their lives.

They keep saying that the high school is 100 years old, like that is such a bad thing. Three of our most prestigious universities, Harvard, Yale and William and Mary have buildings that are over 300 years old.

Mathews High School will soon successfully graduate another class, and there is no reason that it cannot graduate another class next year and classes for many years to come.

They complain that the building is either too cold or too hot. It is not necessary to tear down a building to replace a thermostat.

They have to drink bottled water at Currie Elementary. They can buy a lot of water for $20 million.

The $17 million they claim that it would cost to bring the schools up to state codes is just their wish list. The buildings are perfectly serviceable the way they are. If the codes don’t make the buildings safer or make learning easier, they are not necessary.

They claim having all students in one building will make busing more efficient, but they want the kindergarten through sixth grade students to start school at a different time than grades seven through 12. But families with children in different grades will require two bus trips twice a day. I don’t understand how that is efficient. They say they must keep elementary students separated from high schoolers.

Why? When I went to school, we all rode the same buses and went to the same buildings, and there was never any trouble. Today’s superintendents have doctorate degrees and some of them are paid more than medical doctors, yet they cannot discipline.

In an attempt to legitimize the golf course purchase, they are calling it their outdoor lab where they can hunt for insects, tadpoles and frogs. This is Ohio. They can find insects everywhere. The same creek runs through my property and they are welcome to come and hunt tadpoles and frogs for free.