Remember Easter’s true meaning


Spring weather is arriving with its vivid colors, flowers and greenery. The birds are returning from the south to grace us with their song. The Easter holiday will be paramount in some people’s minds — or will it?

Cash registers have been ringing from people rushing to buy Easter outfits. Easter dinners will be cooked. Eggs will be dyed. Bunnies and Easter baskets will be the theme of the day.

But what about the man who is responsible for the Easter holiday? What about Jesus Christ?

The way that the world is today, in my humble opinion, we need Jesus more than ever. In some parts of the world and even here in the United States there is chaos, hatred, famine, wars, murders prejudice to name a few.

By Jesus getting beaten, spat upon, humiliated, shamed, scourged, nailed to the cross with a crown of thorns pressed down upon his head, crucified for you and for me, I think he deserves recognition not just on Easter, but every day.

No human could have endured such pain. No human could have endured such shame. What love Jesus gave and continues to give to us. We can show this love by helping our fellow man. We can see love in the bright eyes of a child. We can display love by helping someone up when they are down. Sometimes just a smile or a kind word is all that it may take to brighten someone’s day.

We should honor and pay homage to Jesus Christ, especially on Easter.

One solitary man, hung on a old rugged cross with a crown of thorns on his head, who died for you and for me.

Jennifer Y. Williams