New phase for Obamacare repeal


A great friend of mine, Bob, and I had a game we played while in the Navy.

We both would claim that we knew everything in the world. When I was asked something I didn’t know, I would say, “Bob knows that.” Since we didn’t work together, we were rarely in the same place at the same time. So it worked.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s repeal-and-replace ACA bill reminded me of that game. Ryan would be asked whether something was in his bill. He would answer, “That’s in phase two.” The next question’s response would be “That’s in phase three.”

Hmm, I think I know this game. Ryan also would say Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price is digging out all the mandates and regulations that were put into Obamacare by the previous secretary, then Secretary Price can cancel them, which was much of what phase two is.

Now that there is more time, let’s do phase two now and prove they are serious about phasing out Obamacare, or is this just a phase, too?


Newton Falls