Enough is enough for Mathews


Mathews Board of Education needs to realize the residents of this community have spoken loud and clear the last four times we voted down a new school bond issue.

They should not lose sight of the fact that they represent the entire community, not just a chosen few. The well has run dry, and we don’t want or need a new school.

With the exception of Howland, every surrounding district has a new school. Their taxes went up, while their enrollment went down, so much that Maplewood School District was forced to close a building. Here too our enrollment has been decreasing sharply for some time.

Ohio is ranked 40th highest state in property taxes; unemployment is 5.8 percent. Lordstown cut the midnight shift, Penske closed due to GM and Kellogg’s is closing. There is a formula that confirms every job lost affects four jobs on the outside. My prayers are with these workers and their families.

$25,000 has been spent trying to shove a new school down the throats of the residents of this community. It is time the BOE stops throwing good money after bad and does what’s right: consolidate. The Maplewood School District advertised open enrollment in their schools. That’s how bad it is; we now advertise for students to fill the seats of our schools.

Residents of Mathews School District doesn’t fill the seats nor pay the bills. New growth does, and we have seen little to no new growth here.

I ask every voter to come out May 2 and vote “No” for the fifth time. I have talked to many people that don’t know the bond issue is on the ballot again. Please let your friends and family know. Your vote counts Please don’t let the BOE fly under the radar and sneak this in because the community wasn’t informed.