ACA appreciated by many people


These remarks are in response to your March 9 opinion (supporting repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act).

It’s a little late, but I feel it is necessary for clarification or the other side of the story.

Millions of citizens are quite happy with the ACA, especially the some 18 million who are now covered by Medicaid, including the working poor.

The Obama administration did not shove it down our throats. There were numerous meetings including some with the Republican opposition and extensive hearings. I really can’t say that for U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan.

You are quite right that many GOP senators are deeply concerned about the House plan because of its shortcomings. I agree that it is “virtually impossible to craft … a bill that pleases everyone.”

However, Medicare, while it doesn’t please everyone, especially leading Republicans, it certainly pleases the great majority of citizens, including the rank-and-file Republicans. That says a lot, especially for a government program.

President Donald Trump was the one pushing Congress to speedily enact his bill because that was one of his campaign promises. That wasn’t well thought out because of the complexity of the health insurance industry. Just one of the many promises that has not been fulfilled on “day one,” as he continuously promised in his campaign.

I think the 28 million citizens who now have coverage are grateful, and that is a great accomplishment. One way to pay for it, which is tax reform like a significant tax on stock speculators who foul up market stability. Making health care more affordable to everyone, which seems to be your objective, would not be obtained by the proposed GOP bill, according to the Congressional Budget Office. There are other ways.


West Farmington