Money describes character


People often do not understand the difference between making a profit and making profit your motive.

Many have falsely accused me of being against making a profit. That’s because they lack understanding of the difference.

People who have money say “make money work for you.” That is a lie. The money doesn’t do the work. People do the work because they need money to make a living. People with money take advantage of that need and “exploit” other people’s needs for their profit.

Rich people have convinced the masses that money invested is worth more than the labor being used to create the profits and deserves a certain guaranteed return. If the return is not met, then those doing the work must sacrifice — not the investors. It doesn’t matter if the return is millions or billions of dollars of profit. The return must be a certain “percentage.” This is economic slavery. Money does not work, people work. Transferring the idea that money works only makes it harder to live for those who do not have much money and easier to live for those who do.

This is how the profit motive works. It’s based on a falsehood that there must always be winners and losers in economics, that there must always be “classes” of people.

The truth is, there is only one class of people — the human class. How an individual human treats other humans determines their character.

I hope this helped those lost in the idea that privatizing government into for-profit entities is not right, and in fact, is morally wrong. They are lost believing that the profit motive is the only way to live. Yet, war after war for profit and revolution after revolution has proven otherwise. As long as those with money are insulated from their responsibilities, the madness will continue. Health care is a prime example of the profit motive not working. The care of people is what matters, not the profit of the insurance companies or those providing the care. Our country has lost its humanity for each other; and our health care system is the way to measure that loss. When the motive to get into health care is the money, then you are part of the problem.

Motives show the true character of the person. Our new president has shown little character for people but much for money.