Young people are doing great things


I recently had the privilege of attending Warren G. Harding’s Choir Christmas musical at the Tod Avenue Methodist Church.

Entering the building, I was greeted by a polite young man, Angelo, a student at Harding High School.

He directed me where to go and I asked if he would be around when the musical was over, as the parking lot was icy. He said he would assist me to my car.

When the concert was over, I was waiting for the crowd to exit. As I started to walk down the sidewalk, Angelo found me and said, “You’re the lady I’m going to help.” He walked me to my car.

What a relief to have his help!

The musical was beautiful with a packed house. The directors, Mr. Rising and Ms. Meese, do a fantastic job with the students. The directors’ enthusiasm radiated through the students and the audience.

We hear so many negative things going on, but I am here to say there are good young people doing great things.