Use our freedom responsibly


Our Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

Today, the intent of our Constitution has been subverted, primarily by the liberal left, our “Democratic party.”

Endless flagrant disregard of our Constitution is occurring on a regular basis.

The following are just a few examples: corrupt media using slander and bias; lying to further political gain; disrespect for President-elect Donald J. Trump; burning the American flag; disrespect for law and order (and the possible dangerous confrontation); Hollywood hypocrisy; and unfounded accusations of election fraud. The list is endless.

Our leaders must strongly condemn such behavior. The condemnation must start with President Barack Obama, who, unfortunately has been missing in action on most of these issues.

All Americans must respect the rights of fellow citizens. Our Constitutional freedom does not mean a blank check to do whatever we want, regardless of the negative impact on fellow citizens. We must practice civility towards one another. Our country must unite and rise above the current deep chasm of distrust and hatred.

As a veteran, I know how precious freedom can be. I hope and believe that as our next president, Trump will lead us in our efforts to exercise our freedom with respect and responsibility.

Working united, we can show the rest of the world how freedom should and can be exercised.