Stop thinking primitively


Much of our history and philosophy has been based on animal behavior, especially in our economic systems. Many of the primitive thinkers have influenced our belief of economics.

“Survival of the fittest” and “evolution” in nature has been falsely adapted as the way people should behave socially. The profit motive comes from primitive thinking, watching animals profit from being physically superior to “take” from others to sustain their lives. The same is done with humans, only we use money or monetary systems to do the dirty work. It is implied that if you’re poor, it’s because you are not worthy. Those who have the financial power might rule with fear over others, just like the animal world.

Humans are supposed to be better than that.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans have not learned this difference. Even President-elect Donald Trump, trying to discount what he calls “illegal voters” (which is not true), is trying to believe he is legit. You might as well start counting the votes of those who did not vote and at last count, we only had 49 percent of eligible voters who voted. The majority of people not voting were Democrats, so he lost by even greater margins. Now, he wants more nukes like the NRA and wants more guns to solve gun violence. The majority of the world’s population, unfortunately, the U.S. as well, are not educated enough to understand such power or what it’s truly for.

We live in a world that believes in competition as a way of life. It is not. Competition is for entertainment and creates only winners and losers. People need to learn a better way, where everyone wins; and that can be created easily. Simply follow the golden rule at the start. Anyone who thinks the golden rule doesn’t work doesn’t know how to apply it.

Changing the system means people changing to stop being selfish. The golden rule is about teaching you to relate to the world. It’s not about getting the world to relate to you. Selfish people do not get the golden rule precisely because of greed and selfishness. Protecting your ego keeps you from having self esteem. Sadly, that will be exactly what will destroy humanity, greed and selfishness, not believing in truth and science, not living in harmony with nature, (but) instead, exploiting and consuming nature.