Speed cameras drive away business


When choosing where to spend one’s hard-earned money, I believe the first consideration should be whether you are made to feel welcome in the business, or in this case, the city, where that purchase is to be made. Over the years, my wife and I have frequented the city of Girard to patronize restaurants, bars and various other places of business.

Recently, I was sent an expensive speeding ticket that originated from a handheld camera in Girard. I also know of several other people who have gotten similar tickets in recent weeks. Was I speeding?

Yes; exactly 10 mph over the limit at a time when there was virtually no traffic or threat to public safety.

This practice continues, despite the fact these tickets are nothing more than a “money grab.”

This is not an indictment on law enforcement. I have the utmost respect for the job they do every day. They are simply executing the wishes of the Girard government leaders. If these tickets did any public good, I’d have no problem with them. But they are simply designed to drive revenue for the city of Girard.

The courts have upheld the use of these cameras as being constitutional, so the city will get its check from me. They will, however, never see me spend a penny in the city of Girard again. The real losers in this situation are the good business owners of Girard, who will continue to see their business decline as people, like me, will go out of their way to avoid the city.