Keep open mind about Trump


Tunnel vision and inability to see beyond party lines continues to divide our country. With crying rooms setup on college campuses due to the November election outcome, along with Russian hacking allegations, election fraud and recounts, it’s amazing that people are missing the true reason for the election outcome. U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan stated it best saying his party was out of touch with the people. Most people just want the ability to earn a living without government interference in their daily lives.

Take the Affordable Care Act for instance. If anyone thinks $18,000 dollars a year for healthcare coverage with a $12,800 deductible for a family of four is affordable, then they are certainly not living on a middle class income.

The simple fact is people are tired of being lied to, misled and filled with false promises. This is what occurred eight years ago when Obama won the election. It was a protest vote against the GOP because of lies that led us into the Iraq war. Bush and Obama had golden opportunities to lead our country into a new era of prosperity. Bush had the entire world on his side after 9/11 and failed to heed his own father’s warnings to stay out of Iraq. Instead he plunged our national debt to new highs and caused more instability in the Middle East.

Then Obama, who campaigned on unity and fiscal responsibility, nearly doubles our national debt, shows contempt for anyone who disagrees with his thinking, divides our country along lines of wealth, race and occupation, lies about his signature healthcare bill and then, somehow, feels he has done a fantastic job.

Hillary just came across as an insincere phony who lied without batting an eye to many people and yet, some wonder why she lost. Funny how many people are already trashing Donald Trump before he even takes the oath of office. When you pass judgment on someone prior to starting their work, you are displaying your prejudicial attitudes. That is an attitude that America can live without.

Stop looking through the singular view of party lines, talk-show hosts and “my way is the only way.” Start finding good in what Trump can do for America. Nothing is going to change fast. Our political system was built to prevent quick swings from one end to the other, and I am thankful for that. Let someone start doing a job before passing judgment. Keep an open mind, pray and encourage by correspondence to make good decisions. Don’t just continue to complain without facts or actions.