Happy to see tainted reign of Obama end


As I see the man’s reign coming to an end, to me he seemed a tormented man with anger and disdain with anyone who disagreed with him.

At times, he acted in a spiteful way to have power and control over people, and we became his subjects.

He thrived on tearing down the very fabric of our nation with his ideology, how he wanted America to be.

I never heard him speak with pride of being an American and never really saw patriotism coming from this man; he seemed void of this.

He did not spend his formative years growing up in America, those years were spent in a country who envied the U.S.

It was not the color of his skin that bothered me, it was the hollowness in his heart and soul for America.

He had no admiration for our military or our police force who are left to solve society’s problems.

Keeping company, while a senator with the New Black Panthers, we should have known racial divide was coming to America. But no one questioned this, Chicago was his “Killing Fields,” almost 4,000 people have been killed there since he took office and no one cared; these were the very people that looked to him for guidance.

Social issues were his top priorities. He was a community organizer, served three years as a senator with little experience and no one questioned his abilities to run our country.

I have never seen such destruction in our cities and unrest with street-fighting gangs, along with George Soros, to incite chaos rather than unite us with words of calm as a nation. He has given speeches abroad to foreign countries with sarcasm of America and Americans to bolster his ego and get a laugh at our expense. He defied our laws, enacted mandates with his pen and phone and became a dictatorial power. I have never seen a president in my lifetime cause so much stress and anxiety everyday since taking office eight years ago. Charisma, that is the one thing I give him credit for, but charisma does not put money in your wallet, food on the table, gas in a car or a job.