GOP preyed on Democrat weaknesses


The GOP in this election used two of the Democrats’ weaknesses to their advantage. One is compassion and the other is conscience; neither of these do the Republicans have.

The world is much easier for people with no conscience. The GOP just sits back and waits until the Democrats get discouraged and fail to show up and vote; and you see what happens.

Donald Trump’s ready to let all of his friends and relatives start plundering and looting public assets. He says his business will be put into a blind trust made up of all of his sons and daughters and their friends and relatives, who will carry off all of the U.S. government property they can get their hands on.

I think Trump appointed the wrong person to be Secretary of the Interior. I think it should have been Cliven Bundy. If he had that position, he could legally graze his cattle all over our national parks and get away with it.

This Trump guy has the power to put people into important positions that meet his needs. Just look at his Cabinet appointees, almost all are Wall Street billionaires. This is the same guy (Trump) who has a record of being a cheat, a swindler, a bold-faced liar, a groper and a bigot. Evangelicals and religious groups helped put Trump in the White House. Some of them said they voted for him because he has better family values and religious leanings. Is this the same Trump that is the president?

Well, all I have to say is if you pray, you will be praying a lot for the next four years.


Hermitage, Pa.