Funding cuts hurt senior meal program


This is about the plight of seniors in West Farmington and other northern tier senior centers.

As of Jan. 1 funding cuts, the senior center in West Farmington food program is in jeopardy. There are up to 25 or 30 people who could no longer be served a hot meal three days a week. According to the Office of Elder Affairs, the food program is being dropped because of funding.

We, in West Farmington, are living in a food desert. We do not have access to fresh meat, fruit or vegetables. Our nearest grocery store or restaurant is at least 10 miles away. Why would you cut the center that is farthest from easy access to food?

The senior center is partly funded by the senior levy. If meals are not served at the Farmington site, then many seniors will not have a reason to go there. That could lead to the closing of the center.

There is also the social aspect of the loss of the meals. Many of the seniors go there because they live alone and need the socialization that the center provides.

I hope that the Trumbull County commissioners and the Office of Elder Affairs can see the plight of the Farmington Senior Center and reverse their decision.


West Farmington