Obama handling Aleppo correctly


The recent tragedy in Aleppo is being compared to the Holocaust. To understand what is happening in Aleppo, we must know the difference between a holocaust and a revolution.

Both involve the tragic loss of life, but the Jews never took up arms against the German government. Still the Jews were rooted up from their homes and routed to concentration camps because of a sick man’s particular viewpoint about German race superiority.

On the other hand, the rebels in Syria viewed Bashar al Assad as an evil dictator and took up arms in an attempt to oust him from power. The city of Aleppo, where the tragedy is unfolding, used to be a rebel stronghold.

What is happening in Aleppo is not to be compared to the Holocaust.

This nation had two revolutions. What about the Russian Revolution? What about the Chinese Revolution? What about the Cuban Revolution? And all the other 20th- and 21st-century revolutions that took place around the world?

In the American Civil War alone, this nation lost 620,000 soldiers. Revolution requires that people die to prepare a better life for future generations.

Joe Scarborough of “Good Morning America” argues that the Obama administration is to blame saying, “Obama could have done something to prevent this loss of life.” Scarborough is misguided. The president is not obligated to liberate the rebels. The president’s heart has always been on the side of the Syrian rebels. Stopping short of committing American troops, the president has always done what he could to turn the war’s momentum in favor of the rebels. When Assad used sarin gas on the rebels, it was the president who made him refrain from such usage as a violation of international law.

The president’s strategy in regards to Aleppo is brilliant. His term is almost ended. There is nothing to be gained by involving this nation in a three-front war. Let Russia and Syria be the culprits. Maybe rebel leaders can be held accountable, too. This nation has a difficult enough time dealing with ISIS. Let Donald Trump devise a solution to the crisis. He says he is smart and that he alone can bring back the jobs that left this country in the 1980s and 1990s. Allow him to work his magic and solve the crisis in Aleppo.