Nuclear Trump card


Soon-to-be President Trump recently released a statement with a disturbingly flippant attitude toward a nuclear arms race. In spite of the fact that the United States already has well over 5,000 nuclear weapons in its arsenal, President-elect Trump has stated we should expand our stores of nation-destroying missiles. Much like his call to expand our already monolithic armed forces, it seems at best superfluous and at worst preparation for something horrible.

I sincerely hope that anyone that lived through the darker times of the Cold War can find their voice and denounce this latest attack on progress. The Cold War was a time of uncertainty and fear and the thought of mutually assured destruction the only solace.

I urge readers to seek out accounts of survivors at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. One chilling vision of that time was of three men leading each other through the charred and jagged ruins of what was once a populated city. They were leading each other because they had the misfortune of looking directly at the blast when it came. The men’s eyes had melted and were running down their cheeks like half-cooked egg whites. Who would want to go back and live under the ever-present specter of such a dreadful vision?

It seems now we have our answer. Mr. Trump’s idea of when America was great was when we were part of the deadliest Mexican standoff the world has ever known.