Vote Trump to protect jobs


Governor John Kasich, R-Ohio, was recently in the national media in Washington, D.C., working with President Obama trying to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership, TPP, before the election. According to CNN, Kasich said he feels it’s his “responsibility and duty as a leader,” no matter the political cost, to help President Barack Obama shepherd the TPP through Congress.

Our grandfathers fought for the union, demanding a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s wage.

If successful, these two politicians, one Republican and one Democrat, will force you to compete, under TPP, against 17 different countries with lower wages, slave labor, unfair trade practices and their ability to devalue to money with no checks or balances.

Did we not learn enough from NAFTA?

Itás time to stop following union leadership with their six-figure salaries from your dues, super seniority and lack of moral courage to stand up for us while they endorse Democrats’ and Republicans’ TPP globalism.

Let’s vote for our families, our jobs and the U.S. economy, not the world economy. Less than a week ago, Ford announced it will move all small car production to Mexico.

How many jobs did that cost the American workers?

The truth is Clinton, Kasich and Obama are all for TPP and costing us jobs here.

Vote Trump, and protect our jobs, families and respect for all Teamsters, Steel, Auto, Coal, trade unions and blue collar workers.

Michael Martino

Beaver Falls, Pa.