Trump would make us proud again


I was born April 25, 1924, in Warren.

I recently returned in July 2016 to my beloved state, Ohio, for a very important reason, to help Donald Trump carry Ohio and win our Presidential election on Nov. 8 to save America for us citizens!

Years ago, I was elected to the Ohio State Republican Executive Committee for the Ohio 19th Congressional District, which consisted mostly of Trumbull and Mahoning counties.

I loved the association with Republican candidates, precinct committee men and women and the many volunteers who helped our candidates get elected. It seemed to me our candidates were always smarter and more experienced and dependable than their opponents.

My first husband was Charles F. Atkinson, also of Warren. He was shipped overseas the month after our wedding at Vamp Gruber, Muskogee, Okla. He was injured and captured , a POW, in the Battle of the Bulge, where he was in the 42nd Rainbow Division of the Infantry. My family and I were and are thankful he got home to our U.S. where he was eventually discharged. I worked in bank in the Pentagon for four years, while he took advantage of the GI bill and earned his Accounting and Law degrees.

We moved to a warmer climate in 1993. I attended a computer course so I could stay in touch with my family “back east.” I met a wonderful man who taught the computer class, learned to stay in touch with my kids and married my professor, Donald Dickerson, two years later. What a great deal!

We were married on Nov. 7, 2003; I was 79 and he was 82. We enjoyed 10 years of happiness before he died in 2013.

I have put two husbands on the shelf, temporarily and want to concentrate on the most important man in my life right now, Donald Trump.

No, I am not looking for a third husband; remember I am 92! He is someone who can deliver the good direction we’ve got to start following if we are to get back to our basic American way of a happy life.

Please plan to vote for Donald Trump … even if you don’t approve of everything you see and hear about him. He tells it like he sees it! He certainly has helped raise some wonderful children. I’d trust him to handle every situation that arose after he is elected President. You are wasting your time, energy and vote for a last minute, inexperienced candidate from an independent party.

Hillary sickened me when she shouted and waved her hand pertaining to Benghazi and said, “What difference does it make?”

She is too wrapped up in her pursuit of power to care about the average American. I moved back to Ohio in July to do my best volunteering to help Trump carry Ohio. He would become a U.S. President of whom we can all be proud again.


Ashland, Ohio