Trump is true patriot


I attended the Donald Trump rally in Geneva recently.

The traffic was heavy and the long line to get in was daunting. People from many walks of life were in line. There were teenagers, bikers, the well dressed, retired, working men and as many women. Despite what the media projects, women can think for themselves.

There were even two older people in line with walkers and some with canes. Absent were any protesters. Perhaps George Soros gave them the day off; he certainly didn’t run out of money. Getting in took an hour, and the security screening was the same as at an airport or courthouse.

Once inside, we got about 40 feet away from the stage. By the time the first speaker started, we were packed like sardines in the huge indoor soccer field of the Spire Institute with more than 1,000 outside watching on TV monitors. The enthusiasm and excitement were riveting, and it was standing room only. Mr. Trump’s speech focused on the economy, taxes, unfair trade, second amendment and the constitution, illegal immigration, rising crime, our inner cities, veterans, healthcare, radical Islam and the dressing down of the corrupt politicians in power now. Even after he conducted three rallies hundreds of miles apart that day, he was impressive in his poise, message, energy and genuine sincerity.

At first I dismissed Mr. Trump in the primaries as a comedy act. After seeing through the haze of his outrageous behavior I began to listen to his message. After reading his book “Crippled America,” what he’s all about became crystal clear. He’s a modern patriot and a true American with all the country’s citizens’ welfare and freedoms at heart first. His rivals and detractors on both sides of the aisle in congress, the White House and media would have us believe the church of globalization and open borders would bring us happiness and prosperity.

Open your eyes and look around, RG Steel, Warren Steel Holdings, Ohio Lamp, Delphi and Peerless Electric for example. The Globalism our elitist leaders has enslaved us with both in trade, failed foreign policy, values and wars has brought many many Americas nothing but pain, poverty and hopelessness for the future for more than 40 years. The choice is simple. We can vote for a corrupt Globalist Puppet or a True Patriot and drain the swamp in Washington, D.C.