Vote no on Mathews bond issue


I am writing this in regards to the Mathews Local School bond committee.

I don’t know how they were raised, but in our family we were taught not to be rude to people. I think it is very rude and insulting to call someone ignorant and irresponsible because they do not share the same opinion as you. Is the Mathews Bond Committee the only opinion that is right?

I am one of the residents they speak of who had “Vote No” signs in their yards. Somehow my signs always seem to disappear. Stolen?

You are your children’s first teacher. Is this what you are teaching them? If you find someone who does not share your view, they can trespass and steal and damage other people’s property? Shame!

It is irresponsible to let the buildings fall to ruin by just barely doing anything to them. This is what has been happening for several years because you want a new school like your neighbor’s? If the administration is doing such a great job, why are we in this fix? I do not need nor can I afford to keep up with the Joneses!

Kids will be lucky to use a building in a few years. They have the world at hand 24/7 with smart phones, iPads, Chrome books and the next new thing to come along.

Mr. Lowery, the superintendent, is not honest with the people. He made a statement at the Fowler Township meeting that there would not be access from Route 193, but it was mentioned by him several times that it will be. He also could not guarantee the demolition of the other buildings. He fails to explain to the people about the additional $3.1 million that will be added to the local share to cover the cost of locally funded initiatives. Although this amount was added to the total bond, he does not tell them they will have to pay 100 percent of the cost for this, along with the 84 percent share for the building. Those funds would be for additional square feet for the building and the cost of running gas, water and sewer lines, along with softball fields, access roads or any other improvements the school wants. I think $24.84 million for 37 years is just a poor financial choice, which many just cannot afford!

Please vote no on Mathews bond.