Injection well aid definitely needed


This is in response to the article “Vienna Seeks Injection Well Aid.”

To say Vienna has asked state lawmakers to help with this issue is an understatement. We have pleaded for help defending our township against the dangers of toxic waste injection wells for at least two years. The safest and best solution for everyone is not having any toxic waste injection wells. Since one is already operating next to my home, I can see that is not going to happen. So let’s at least make sure all possible safety measures are in place to protect the people of this community. Lightening suppression on the tanks does not seem to be too much to ask. To be told that it is not going to be done because there is no requirement to do so, due to the fact this is a rural area, infuriates me.

I can actually reach out and touch tanks on that site from my property. A blast from a lightning strike would destroy my home and lives of my son, husband, pets and me. That doesn’t matter, though, because it is a rural area. Thanks for saying that my family and I are meaningless!

One would also think the Federal Aviation Administration would have more concern about this because the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport has a runway less than 800 feet from the injection well site.

Eric Heiss from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources stated the site contains low profile tanks. Looking out my window right now at those monstrosities, they do not seem low profile to me. They are huge, and they completely overwhelm what used to be a beautiful piece of wooded land. Two years ago I would be sipping coffee on my porch looking at how wonderful the changing colors of the fall were. Now, I can barely stand to look that direction without shedding a tear.

Has anyone asked our fire chief how comfortable the fire department is with the safety measures in place and how confidant they are that they could handle an emergency at the injection well site?

Let’s not forget earthquakes already caused by toxic waste injection wells in Weathersfield and Youngstown. Both of these wells are within nine miles of the Vienna site. This whole process is frustrating and the constant parade of waste water trucks past my home is an irritating reminder. I am afraid that it is only a matter of time before something bad happens. Hopefully, it will not end up killing my family and me in the process. Oh, but that’s right, we don’t matter!