The kind of cash LeBron got should go to true heroes


LeBron James is returning to Cleveland. Why is this such big news?

I have a problem with most professional sports because of the money some of the players make. Though not all professional sports players make huge amounts of money, in my opinion, some players are ridiculously overcompensated.

Anyone who earns $100 million in a career (or maybe in a season) better be curing cancer, creating a new energy source that is pollution-free and costs less, or bettering humanity in some way.

How does professional sports make an impact on society? It makes kids think that they can live forever happily, with lots of money and worry-free because they can throw or dunk or hit a ball.

Kids will injure their bodies and waste their youth chasing an impossible dream because players like LeBron are given so much more than they deserve.

People throw good money away on jerseys, blankets, hats, shoes, etc., and on tickets to games. I would just love to see someone who is capable of saving lives, changing the world or making a deep and meaningful impact in some way on society earn money like that!

And I feel the same about celebrities. I can’t afford to see a movie because the studios have to pay the celebrities enormous amounts of money to do their jobs.

I personally know many good honest people who work extremely hard to change lives and keep people safe right here in Trumbull County. People who have trouble paying their bills and who deserve so much more than they will ever get.

And we have people like LeBron and Miley Cyrus, who will never appreciate all that they are given because they are given so much.

I’m not saying these individuals do not work hard for what they have, but please, just because you can shake it on a stage or throw a ball does not earn you the right to work for two years and end up with more money than you will ever be able to spend in a lifetime.

I’m bitter, yes! But it’s the truth, and I know most professional sports players or celebrities do give back, but let’s remember how much of their donations are tax write-offs. It is not truly a selfless deed if you are making or saving money in the process.

Let’s start giving that kind of money to firefighters, police, service men and women who are overseas facing horrific and life-threatening challenges every day to keep people like LeBron safe.

Somehow our priorities have become so skewed as to believe that a sports player (or actor, singer, etc.) deserves so much money or fame. Or even that money, or the latest tech gadget, will enrich their lives in some way.

Mona Marsh