Local media should be fair, unbiased


In regard to the Tribune Chronicle’s political cartoons, and editorial page in general, how in God’s name can anyone not notice the political bias to the right and the Republican Party by your newspaper?

Sure, it’s proper to have opinions, but the Tribune carries its ”agenda” to the extreme. One wonders if your editors get their cue, or shall I say mandates, from the likes of the Murdochs and Aileses of the world.

In addition, the local radio stations, WPIC in Sharon, Pa., and WKBN in Youngstown, where the public is bombarded hours on end to a daily rebuke of one ideology and party over the other (always them vs. us mentality).

You do the local community, and the nation, a disservice by spewing propaganda continuously favoring the Republican Party over the Democratic or Independent ones. Where is the desire to show unity over division? Surely, one ideology and party cannot always be right and the opposition always in error.

We, as citizens, need to see a fair and unbiased news channel in your newspaper. Do you advocate finding the very best solutions to the great problems facing the nation, or are you just in the business of answering to the ”calling” of your right-wing mindsets?

Think about it.

Jim Jordan