Letters to the editor

Misplaced morals batter country from top down


Forty-eight years ago, I became so frustrated and discouraged by the opinions voiced so loudly on Kent State University’s campus, and covered so extensively in the media, that I left Kent’s honors college and enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Sadly, the same pseudo-intellectuals that disgust me with their elitist thinking and enlightened knowledge are now among the leaders of our government.

It’s not 1966, and I am now too old to head for Parris Island, but the events of today are even more galling to me than the ones that stirred so much anger in me some five decades ago.

What has happened to our common sense and morals? Have our values and ideals eroded to the point that we elect government representation that stands by while our once-dominant industrial base dissolves across our borders, while millions of people ignore our laws and stream across those same borders?

Worse yet, the very people we have elected to return our nation to the prosperity and the respect she has earned over her 200-plus years instead spend their time apologizing for our past while appointing candidates to our courts and cabinet posts that have shown contempt for our way of life.

Traitors like Jane Fonda are nominated for ”Woman of the Century,” while protesters who malign our troops, like John Kerry, wind up secretary of state. Entire cities turn out to welcome home millionaire sports figures, while young veterans return home unnoticed. Stadiums and concert halls are packed with grateful citizens willing to pay for entertainment these groups provide, while local funerals and those at our national cemeteries rarely draw a crowd.

Spending on any manner of welfare reform or nation building soars unopposed, while our own infrastructure deteriorates and our defense budget is slashed. Our country’s future is in the hands of our young people. Are we on track to ensure them good jobs, moral and religious values, and an education that instills pride in ability and love of country?

Look at some of the people we have provided as role models, educators and national heroes for today’s youth. Wake up, America. Think hard before casting your next ballot!

Robert Cameron, Newton Falls

Hard answers are necessary


”South of the border, down Mexico way…” That was a beautiful song in 1939, but it is heartbreaking today. The U.S. border crisis has more to it than meets the eye.

Every day, about 1,000 children cross the border into the U.S. from Mexico – leaving countries like Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. They are fleeing from nearly broken societies. Honduras is the most violent nation on the planet, with 90 murders per 100,000 citizens.

Most all of the corruption and violence is directly due to the instability caused by the U.S. demand for the drugs produced in Latin America.

My information on this was taken from the Army Times, July 14, 2014, weekly newspaper. The paper states, ”Transitional, criminal organizations contribute to instability, breakdown of governance and lawlessness. Not to mention, roughly 35,000 deaths in 200 billion that drug use, primarily heroin, cocaine and meth, cost the U.S. every year. Unbelievable levels of drug profits, approximately $85 billion, are available to transitional, criminal organizations to buy police departments, court systems and even government.”

The U.S. government is trying to get $3.7 billion to meet the border crisis. Accepting the children into the U.S. is not the answer. It will only overload the U.S. population and resources. At the same time, recycling the children back into their country to face possible death and slavery to drug dealers is also inhumane and wrong.

No greater threat to this nation was ever more severe than what is happening right now!

Latin America, with its hold on the U.S. population, pertaining to drugs, will consume the U.S. in due time. China did the same thing to the U.S. soldiers in Vietnam.

A perfect storm is forming in this country. The U.S. should nip it in the bud, clean up Latin America for their people and ours, for the survival of the U.S.A.

Paul R. Lawson, McDonald

Thugs celebrate big year


Based on current events, 2014 should be recalled as The Year of the Thug.

In Chicago, thugs celebrated the nation’s birthday by shooting 82 people – 14 died.

In Gaza, Hamas uses civilians as human shields; Israel kills many innocents in retaliation for bombings.

Despotic rulers and murderous gangs won’t allow democracy to prosper while they’re in charge – not in Egypt, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Syria, Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, Ukraine …

One thug demands that all Muslims obey him and his version of his faith while he decapitates and crucifies his ”apostate” foes.

Russian-backed militants shoot civilians out of the sky. Netherlands has its 9/11; Malaysia grieves again.

All over the world, children are shot for the crime of going to school. Here, it’s a crazy man; there, it’s the Taliban.

Adults scream ”not my child, not my problem” at frightened children who are running for their lives.

Thugs are stealing the common ground on which we stand. We need wisdom and grace, cool heads and a steady hand to guide us through this ”shock and awe.”

Leanne Turner, Champion

We need a shift to ‘common sense’


”REINS act needs passed,” Tribune Chronicle, July 16, 2014.

In reading this editorial, it seems to show that this bill ostensibly wants to rein in the EPA. The following statement is included in the editorial: ”Major actions by the federal government should be subject to approval by Congress.”

The real problem that we have here is the attempt by fanatic groups whose intent is to make this country a ”green” country regardless of the economic consequences of the actions being taken. The real focus for Congress should be on the EPA and the detrimental effects the EPA is having on the economy.

Further to the ”green” problem is what can the EPA do to the 67 percent of the coal used in other parts of the world. Will they envelope the United States with an invisible blanket that will prevent the pollution from invading our atmosphere? What will they think of next? We are not alone on this planet.

It is true that coal is an inexpensive use in providing electricity to the country. It does have some serious byproducts. More profits should be used to alleviate the problems in using coal for energy production. This is an economic benefit to the entire country, and should not be dismantled by the EPA.

Congress should be working to change the mindset of those responsible in the EPA to direct their efforts to improving the use of coal without just forbidding the use of this material, which has been an economic benefit to the country for many years.

Adding bits and pieces to a bill that is needed for the benefit of the country gets so befuddled that the really true reason for the bill gets lost in the added items that have no meaning on the bill in the first place. This is a problem that only Congress can fix.

Leonard J. Sainato, Warren

Killer’s time needs to be up


My blood just boils over that animal Danny Lee Hill.

How many appeals does one killer get? Hasn’t Mr. Hill had more than his share? Everyone knows he is not mentally retarded. He is not even stupid (lacking normal intelligence) or ignorant (lacking knowledge or experience.)

He has lived a good long time on death row. I assume he has had three meals a day since 1986. I assume we have picked up the tab on any medical costs he has incurred.

Why doesn’t he just live his life in prison like he has done for the past 28 years? Why does he get to tie up the courts with these appeals? He must be smart enough to do this or is getting help from someone who knows the legal system.

So far his appeals have been denied. I am worried that down the road, some judge may look differently at Mr. Hill’s claim and God forbid give him what he wants. Grrr.

I know many of my friends would gladly help in Mr. Hill’s execution. Every time there is a news story about him, my stomach turns. I remember what he did to Raymond Fife like it was yesterday. Come on, people, let’s just give Mr. Hill a chance to meet his maker. He needs to stand before God and atone for what he has done.

Pat Zoccali, Warren

Profit motive cramped vet care


The recent Veterans Administration problems with their health care system is bad. However, contrary to popular belief, the sad truth is those vets who died while on an unofficial waiting list most likely would have died even if they were on the official list.

The reason being the real problem is not in the accounting of veterans getting service; it is in getting the actual service itself that is a problem.

Anyone cooking the books to make it appear as if veterans were being served in a timely manner should and will be held accountable for that action. There are laws about that already under falsifying documents.

The real problem is in the veterans health care funding and that has been a longstanding problem in the country for decades. Most recently, it is the Republicans who are keeping proper funding of veterans health care short.

Everyone knows that Republicans do not want to spend any tax money for anything. All they are for is cut, cut, cut when it comes to taxes. What taxes they do want to keep they want to privatize how they are used.

You can see plainly here how ”the profit motive” does not work in cases like this. There was a goal set that was unrealistic given the funding for the health services of veterans, and the pressure was put on individuals to make that goal a reality.

There was also a “profit motive” for these individuals to do so in the way of bonuses. If they made the goal, they get paid bonuses for it. Therein lies the real problem and the issue we now can see plainly. These individuals wanted the bonuses and they knew that the way the system was set up, there was no way they could get those bonuses honestly, so they cooked the books.

Can you see where even if the system was accounted for properly that then the wait times would simply had been extended for those same veterans as they went for care.

This problem exists everywhere in the world and especially in the U.S.A. Most businesses operate under the same reasoning and that is also why you saw the disaster in the last economic crash because of people being given a profit motive to cheat. Wall Street and all of corporate America is infested with this disease.

The Veterans Administration does not need competition to solve its problems; it needs cooperation and proper funding.

We need to get out of this profit motive belief and into a people motive system. People created this problem, people created poverty and people can change it and fix it.

Leif P. Damstoft, Warren

Liberalism is still liberalism


Liberals like to distort the English language in an attempt to manipulate public opinion. For example, in the language of liberals, abortion becomes ”choice,” homosexuals are ”gay,” and left-wing policies that undermine the economy and subvert our culture are called ”progressive.”

In the Alice-in-Wonderland world inhabited by liberals, if a principle, practice or policy might be poorly perceived by the public, it is simply called something else, something that sounds inherently appealing or, at least, less unappealing. Linguistic distortion has been an effective tactic for liberals.

Think about it. The word ”abortion” calls to mind a heinous practice that would cause even its most ardent supporters to turn away in revulsion if forced to watch a video of the process, but the word ”choice” has nothing but positive connotations.

The word ”homosexual” is fraught with negative connotations, but the word ”gay” is a synonym for happy. Who among us is opposed to happiness?

Finally, the word ”liberal” has come to be associated with socialism, but the word ”progressive” conjures up an image of moving forward in ways that will make life better. Consequently, adopting the word ”progressive” was a smart public-relations tactic on the part of liberals because the truth is not a consideration.

One of the most effective adherents of progressivism in American politics was Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican. But progressivism in T.R.’s day meant something vastly different from the concept advocated by today’s liberals. T.R. was a committed advocate of the concepts of competition, opportunity, entrepreneurship and the dignity of work.

Today’s progressives do the opposite – they promote policies that subvert competitiveness, impede entrepreneurship and encourage entitlements.

Today’s progressive movement is embodied by the presidency of Barack Obama. Under Obama progressivism is a philosophy in which businesses – both large and small – are treated like enemies of the state. The entitlement mentality has replaced entrepreneurship, opportunity and the work ethic.

As a result, idly living off of government handouts has become an acceptable lifestyle, and poverty has become a multi-billion dollar self-sustaining industry. T.R. was a strong advocate for small businesses and working people, but under President Obama’s progressive administration, no two groups have been hurt worse than small businesses and working-class people.

Small businesses are being taxed and regulated out of business by today’s progressive politicians and millions of working-class people are out of work or are under-employed because of ill-conceived progressive economic policies.

What is needed if Americans are going to save America is critical thinking and discernment. Accepting that a philosophy is progressive because liberals call it progressive is unacceptable.

Voters need to learn and understand how liberal policies have changed the foundation of a once great country. As things stand now, liberals are lying to America and Americans are letting them get away with it.

Cathy Lukasko, Brookfield

Letters to the editor

Black smoke meant people were working


”States help in coal fight against EPA,” Tribune Chronicle, July 9, 2014. Your opinion piece on this subject is important.

Unfortunately, too many readers do not read the editorial page, and as a result, items of importance are sometimes just pushed aside.

The EPA is micromanaging a macro global problem, much to the detriment of the United States economy. When black smoke was belching forth from blast furnaces and open hearth steel mills, the lungs of most inhabitants working and living in this area showed black in the X-rays when they were taken. It meant that people were working and earning a living. The likelihood of lung cancer was not even discussed.

My only problem with an editorial is that it is more or less forgotten once it has been presented. For instance, some time ago two Ohio legislators were concerned about Asian carp infiltrating Lake Erie. There was no follow up on what is a very real problem for the Great Lakes in this central part of the United States. Water is very important, and these lakes must be protected at all costs.

How do we get our representatives to carry through with a project once it has been presented? Give us more ammunition in order for the voters to have these persons continue to do what has to be done to reach a good outcome.

Leonard J. Sainato


Teachers group salutes donations


The Trumbull Retired Teachers’ Association is especially grateful to the following businesses for their donation for the spellers’ treat bags for the 29th annual Spelling Bee held at the Trumbull County Fair. Their generosity is especially commendable in these uncertain economic times.

We salute Bruster’s Real Ice Cream (Girard location), Eat N Park, the Girard Free Library, Home Town Buffet, the Mahoning Valley Scrappers, McDonald’s restaurants, Niemi Elm Road Dairy Queen, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant (Niles), Talmer Bank and Trust, Waffle House (Salt Springs), and Wendy’s.

In addition, we sincerely thank Eat’N Park for sending Smiley to the fair. He posed for pictures and gave stickers, tattoos and bracelets to the children.

We also sincerely thank the Trumbull County Fair Board for offering free admission to all pre-registered spellers, and the Tribune Chronicle for the excellent publicity provided by Renee Fox.

TRTA members too numerous to mention donated sweets and treats for the spellers’ treat bags.

Denise Deltondo


Deltondo is the Trumbull Retired Teachers Association Spelling Bee coordinator

Letters to the editor

Close U.S. borders to prevent heroin abuse


They just do not listen. I have read the many articles about drug addiction to heroin this week. I read the politicians talk about it, again. This time they told you about the purity of it, about the drug dealers, the appetite Americans have for it, how these politicians are going to schools to talk to students, teachers and administrators about it. I read how families are coping with the addiction of it, how the teachers are talking to students about it, teaching parents on how to talk to their children about it, that the schools are drug testing for it, you now have dogs that look for it, they tell you they have a plan to help with the addiction from it, the teachers have a health curriculum about it, but the politicians in this country never, ever talk about the one thing that would cure the problem of it; close the borders.

I cannot believe the politicians in this country are so stupid as to not see it. They know about it, they just do not do anything about it. My advice, instead of listening to another boring lecture from a politician about it, we as citizens of this country have to demand that the borders be closed. Do not turn your anger to the drug, do not turn your anger to the children, turn your anger to the politicians who are not doing their job. Remember they work for you. So quit talking about it and DO something.

I commend Bryce Larabee for his grasp about politicism. You are our future and above all you have a voice and YOU should demand better for yourselves. Get involved, go on Facebook and demand they close the borders. Remember one thing about politicians, they will ask for money and they will promise you anything for your vote. Beware.

Ruth Lilley


Radicals control schools for agenda


God blessed America.

We saw Dinesh D’Souza’s “America” on the Fourth of July. It was a great movie that every American should see. It will make you proud to be an American. It will also make you – cry for the sacrifices of brave Americans and for the trend to blame America for all of man’s evils. Then you will become angry at what has happened, especially over the last five decades.

And that is exactly the point of the new movie. He documents a subversive movement that has besieged America since long before the ’60s radicals have come to prominence. These radicals have conspired to shame Americans into believing that our country is an evil, imperialist nation guilty of oppression. Their objective is to “remake” America into a communist country. Their plan started with destroying our understanding of what America is and has been. D’Souza is not afraid to name names. (Why not, he’s already being prosecuted for “excessive” campaign donations.) Among the conspirators listed are Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Howard Zinn. The connections that these radicals have to Obama and Hillary are well documented.

Zinn is best known for his history textbook, “A People’s History of the United States,” first published in 1980. The book is widely used in many high schools and colleges. The term “People’s” (as in “People’s Republic”, etc.) ought to be your first clue about the perspective of the book. Zinn was not ashamed to call himself a Marxist.

As Dinesh documents, the book utilizes half truths and distortion to demonize America. It offers a one-sided perspective, highlighting examples of American oppression such as slavery, the “stealing” of Native American lands and the conquest of Mexico. While not making excuses for these American sins, America provides a balance that Zinn purposely omits.

America is not unique in these sins. In fact, America points out that conquest, as a human means of attaining wealth, is the rule of human history rather than the exception. Remember, that we are all fallen creatures capable of great evil.

What is UNIQUELY American is the idea that wealth can be created from individual initiative and free enterprise. America points out that it is capitalism, not communism, that has liberated millions of people from poverty.

The movie begs the question, “What if there was no America?” On balance, America has been a blessing to the world. America’s sins do not compare to the oppression of Hitler and Stalin. American boys died to free the world of these evil men.

What was upsetting in seeing this movie is the reminder that the ’60s radicals have captured our government and are well along their way to destroying it. And they have accomplished their goals by indoctrinating generations of Americans with their anti-American distortions and in the process alienating many against the principles of freedom that made this a great nation.

They’ve done it through our schools. The dangers of the indoctrination is occurring in our government-controlled schools. The radicals, not George Washington, control our schools. Common Core is simply the latest form of control, but the process has been going on for decades. Too many conservatives are focusing all of their energy on Common Core while ignoring the elephant in the room.

Parents need to wake up.

Cathy Lukasko


Send Republicans out to look for jobs


Here are a few reasons why the Republicans lost the 2012 presidential election: Mitt Romney’s love of corporations and his stint at Bain Capital, where he cost thousands of workers their jobs. Also, Rick Santorum’s beliefs that workers should not join unions, that contraception should be illegal and that climate change is a hoax. And then, Rush Limbaugh, with his hate speech toward women, and Ann Coulter’s dislike of the first amendment.

What is really astonishing is that they haven’t changed their ways one iota since then. It is the same old, same old; the only difference is that there are more “wannabes” out there.

Racists and lawbreakers crawl out from under their rocks, the Republicans, and their news network, call them patriots. Not once do they condemn the talk radio hatemongers for the garbage they spew.

They talk about creating good-paying jobs, but then try to break up the unions that offer the good-paying jobs. They think that the National Labor Relations Board should be defunded. They believe that every state should be a right-to-work (for less) state.

Perhaps the Republican Party should amend its statement to read, “creating bigger profits for our corporate buddies by eliminating unions.”

The minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, some Republicans would like to see it eliminated all together. Wall Street banks handed out $26 billion in bonuses to their employees last year, to the delight of the Tea Party Republicans.

Big businesses currently have incentives to move offshore and take middle-class jobs with them. But they still lie and claim they are all about creating “jobs, jobs, jobs!”

Remember this come November, when we cast our votes. Let’s make the Republicans get jobs overseas.

Bud McKelvey

Hermitage, Pa.

Bible has answers for those who read it


Everybody wants to stop the violence in this country and in our schools. Well, let’s start with the God-hating, anti-Christ politicians in Washington.

Those of you who would pick up a Bible and read it would learn about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah and what happened to them when they turned their backs on God. Isaiah chapter 60, verse 12, says, ”For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.”

Children and people are being shot every day because of stupidity and ignorance. Gun control is not going to stop the problem. People in the old days had guns, too, but they did not go around shooting people because someone made them angry.

Difference is people back then had God in their lives, went to church and read their Bibles. Nobody wanted to go to hell back then.

People need to read the Bible, go to church. Politicians need to ban gay marriage and put God and prayer back in schools.

All of this that is happening now is described in the Bible. There are many verses in the Bible that tell of the things that people should and should not do in life. If you have time to play on that stupid smartphone or time to play video games, you have time to read the Bible and go to church.

Stop making excuses. Time is running out. The end of days could already be here.

Basil Putnam


ACA case gives firms personal rights


The Supreme Court’s decision on birth control and the employer’s religious rights is not about religion; it is about money.

The employer is required to “pay” under the ACA for birth control. The Supreme Court has ruled that employer’s do not have to “pay” for it. They only used, in a narrow way that is quite anserine, the religious freedom guarantees in the Constitution but more importantly, in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993; which, in the language, has NO REFERENCE TO CORPORATIONS ONLY INDIVIDUALS on their rights for religious freedoms.

The Supreme Court, in the Hobby Lobby case, has decided to make corporations also have the same rights as a person. No where in the Constitution is there any talk like this. In fact, many of the founding fathers despised such entities. Corporations are not a person; they are groups of persons. All of our laws are segregated from corporate business identities and individual identities and they are far more favorable to corporations than they are to individuals. However, the Supreme Court believes and has now inserted and inverted all that was understandable.

Apparently a single person can not impose their religious beliefs on another but a group of persons, a corporation, can impose their agreed upon religious beliefs on many single persons. Hypocrisy has never so been exposed and money never so more influential in determining who really has freedom in this country. If you have enough money to run and own a business then you can control your employee’s personal religious beliefs. This is not freedom of religion; this is freedom of religious persecution. The opposite of what the Founding Fathers started.

When you enter a particular church or house of worship you are to adhere to certain civil understandings. If you want to belong to that church then you accept that church’s teachings and live by what they say you should do. That is religious freedom. When you enter the general public and state control in the domain of our economy and the government’s domain, you then must act according to the laws. No matter your religion or status. Employers are in the government’s domain. All doing business with the public, be they a religious institution or just a simple for-profit enterprise, are to adhere to the laws of our government; it has the authority and jurisdiction.

The Supreme Court has sadly decided there is no such stability. Our government is a representative form of government that decides what is and is not religious exceptions. The Supreme Court is not a representative form of our government, but an indirect and authoritarian form. It’s members are chosen and given lifetime appointments by those whom we elected at the time, mainly the president. Therefore, appointments have influence for many years, even decades. In the Court’s majority opinion, it was stated that one of the reasons they sided with corporate America was because they said that the government can simply pay for the birth control instead of these “religious” businesses. I take that as a hint to then do what I and many other progressives wanted done in the first place, which is have a single payer government run health care system, like in Canada, Australia and the rest of the modern world. However, that may mean requiring these same businesses to contribute to the costs for all health care. Would the Supreme Court allow them to claim “religious freedom” to opt out and not pay the tax? What about any individual with a religious objection to paying for a tax that would support all medically necessary procedures, including abortions?

This case has its main bias on money and is exactly opposite of the Golden Rule. Which is why we will soon see in the next few years many more tyrants pop up using religious freedom and this Supreme Court case to justify their tyranny on others. The Supreme Court believes in the perverted golden rule: “He who has the gold (money) rules.” How the justices who made this decision can sleep at night, I don’t know. Oh, that’s right, they are protecting those who protect them, who have the gold. Right and wrong, well that’s always negotiable.

Leif P. Damstoft Sr.


Story needed legwork to check facts


The story you reported on the people that were held hostage. I want to know how you came to this conclusion.

I can remember reporters used to investigate and get all the facts. There are no facts here.

This article that you wrote has caused a very good person to lose her job after working at IHOP for six years because of what they read.

How can someone hold people hostage and release eight people when she was the second person to come out on her own and was sitting next to the cop car handcuffed and the police running around trying to figure out who is doing what in the house?

None of this makes any sense.

This lady was well-respected in her community. Has anyone asked her neighbors or coworkers about her? No. You just publish something for people to read and judge her off of false facts.

Her whole life has been smeared for the sake of a quick story. Has anyone written an article about when she was back in court and all of her charges were dismissed without prejudice? Why? This could all be a lie that these people have started. Has anyone checked?

Sandy Tierney


Thanks to all who aided grieving family


My husband Don, son Christopher and I flew to Denver on June 22, starting our vacation. My husband died unexpectedly at the Denver airport prior to reaching our final destination. I felt we left for vacation together and needed to return home together. I wish to thank Barry Lamer at Lane’s Roberts-Clark Funeral Chapel for the hours he spent via telephone to Denver arranging my husband’s return with us, as well as David Royal for his assistance after our return.

I wish to thank United Airlines for their support and assistance throughout the crisis and ensuring our safe return together.

To my friends and coworkers at St. Joseph Health Center, I always felt it was a special place to work and your love, prayers, thoughts, and other support will never be forgotten. These words cannot express how I feel about your kindness to me and my son during this time and the love I have felt from my St. Joe family is unforgettable and is a gift I could never repay but will always remember.

Terrie Hill