Independence slowly fading back to dependence on state


Another Independence Day has come and gone as many of us celebrated this landmark day of liberty with friends and family.

One has to take time and think of what a momentous occasion that really was 238 years ago – to be free from England, to have the ability to own land without land tax, to have ability to work and profit from your efforts without a tyrannical government or political system taking your profits.

The founders formed a government by the people for the people, with checks and balances so that people are not subjugated and enslaved by one person or by a group’s ideology who believe it is their right to rule over the majority.

Many things have changed since that first Independence Day, and many of our original freedoms have been lost. People are trading their independence for dependency on our government at the expense of their own dignity and those of us who work to support them.

The government for the people and by the people is also lost, we only have to look at the Affordable Care Act in which the preponderance of people was against it, and yet it was pushed through and into law. What has happen to our representation?

Some of us are still under the illusion that we can actually own our homes or property, but that freedom is also lost; your property tax is the rent you pay to the government to live there.

Our freedoms are being eroded, and it’s not hard to see this when you look in the past. The politicians of today seem to be busy trying to follow their political parties’ philosophies coupled with the consolidation of power, and not what’s in the best interest of the people they represent.

The lines between Democrat and Republican parties are such a blur that you really can’t distinguish one from the other.

Capitalism is now a dirty word in our society, and if you work hard and make something of yourself, you must have cheated someone to accomplish that.

Just to be clear, capitalism is the only form of government that allows a person to come from nothing and through hard work achieve their goals to a better life, and that is a hallmark of our country.

Individual rights and independent people are part of the formula that made this nation great, if we continue to create dependent people and forfeit the rights of the many to satisfy the few, we will continue down the path of losing all of what our forefathers fought for and won.

Tim Santell