Hubbard woman endorsed for seat


With so many candidates seeking the appointment of the unexpired term of late Trumbull County Commissioner Paul Hel-tzel, I felt it necessary to point out the 11 candidates in contention will bring several qualities to the table. Some will have experience in the political world, business, banking, law and management; however, few if any, other than Lisha Pompili Baumiller will possess all of the above.

The Hubbard Third-Ward councilwoman allowed us to witness her passion, perseverance and professionalism in her bid for the commissioner’s seat in the May 2014 primary. Although she did not win, she earned the respect of almost 7,000 people in this county who supported her in her conquest. She is the only Democratic candidate that has shown interest or has run for the commissioner’s seat in the last four years.

I feel that, as a well-respected businesswoman in the county, Lisha would serve as the best choice for the Democratic Party to face the Republican candidate in the November General Election.

Her strong name recognition is throughout the county and not limited to just a city, township or village. Lisha is not just a candidate, she is the best candidate.

John R. Bariyak

Newton Falls