Former leftist finally understands economic freedoms


As a 70-year-old former leftist who witnessed the beginning of the economic downslide and the loss of manufacturing jobs in America that began in the 1970s, and who witnessed my younger siblings struggle to find jobs, I began trips to the library to learn what this country’s founding was about.

After reading the federalist papers and the Constitution many times, I learned that this country is very unique in that it is a constitutional republic, and that any citizen and legal immigrant willing to work has the economic freedom and the right to accumulate wealth and personal property.

Our founding fathers put wealth creation in the hands of its citizens, not in control of the government. No nation had ever done this.

A study of the federalist papers tells us what was put into the Constitution and why.

No editorial writer has captured the essence of the intent of the founding fathers in Philadelphia and New York in 1787 until Cathy Lukasko of Brookfield began writing letters to the Tribune Chronicle. Cathy has managed to convey the intent of the founding fathers, where professional writers such as Thomas Sowell, Patrick Buchanan and Walter Williams have not been as clear.

To those leftists out there who believe that socialism, communism and big government is the answer, you had better think again. Those governments are on the scrap heap of failures going back to emperor Nero.

Thomas Watts