Disillusioned over U.S. back in Iraq


I am so angry about the U.S. sending anything, be it troops, equipment, money or food to the Iraqi people, I can’t even see straight.

I was happy when President Obama said initially that we would not go to Iraq to help them. Then, he said he would send special forces for training.


The Iraqi people are not willing to fight for their own country. They ran away. Well, what are we suppose to do? All they do is fight. Isn’t there one person over there with an ounce of common sense? If fighting is not getting anywhere, then try something else.

I don’t get it. I want to know exactly why we are interested in Iraq. I think it’s oil, but then there has to be other things that I don’t know about. I was upset with President Bush for putting us in Iraq in the first place. I was glad most of the troops came home. Now, I’m upset with President Obama for wanting to send troops back. Grrr.

I am disillusioned with our government and have been for some time. Neither party is willing to work for the people. Neither party cares about the citizens of the United States. If we have money for the Iraqi people, what about putting money into caring for the troops that came back and need medical help? What about the homeless, the undernourished, etc.

It saddens me to know that we live in the greatest country and yet we do such stupid things like trying to save the world. We don’t have to save the world. Let’s for once try to help our own people first.

Pat Zoccali