Affordable Care’ proving to be way too expensive


Well here we are, six months into full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

When the so-called Health Insurance Crisis was identified by this administration, we were told that not only would the 30 million uninsured Americans be covered starting Jan. 1, but all Americans would be covered with affordable health insurance.

As the care act was slowly phased in starting March of 2010, bits and pieces of it began to come under scrutiny by most Americans, not just those that opposed it from the beginning. It was used as a plank on Obama’s campaign platform and we were given many promises that turned out to be nothing more than lies, plain and simple.

So as insurance premiums have spiked upward, as existing plans have been phased out and eliminated, as people insured under the ACA along with doctors and hospitals struggle with the benefits it provides, as the website is still burdened with technical problems, as patient care suffers and access to care is limited, is the country’s overall health care better than before March 2010? No it is not.

I ask the president this question: Why isn’t every American covered with health insurance as you promised? Add in all the administration’s corruption surrounding this mess, then simply ask the estimated 40 million who are now uninsured instead of the 30 million previously not covered what they think.

The ”Law of the Land” that has been amended 29 times by the president by simply saying so, that mandated all Americans have health insurance by Jan 1, 2014, is nothing more than the ruse that most intelligent Americans knew it was right from the beginning. The ACA was never about health care, it was always about the government controlling one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

We were sold a load of crap that will sit around stinking forever.

Rod Zeck

Newton Falls