Unions not meant for college athletes


Enough is enough.

I am a union dues-paying employee in the Mahoning Valley. I support unions and mostly what they stand for today, but mixing unions and college athletes is just absurd.

What makes these kids feel that they are entitled to more than a full four-year scholarship paid for by the university that can exceed $100,000?

Most that are in support of getting unions and getting extra rewards for just being an athlete also leave college early and don’t even fulfill their commitment.

If they are that good, they should stay in college, fulfill their commitment, and move on to the pros debt-free, pretty much. Whatever loans they or their parents would incur would be paid twentyfold if they make it big like they think they will at the pro level.

What about the other, nonsports students who attend the same university and graduate that have to pay full tuition? I realize big universities and their alumni donate a lot of money to athletics, but last I looked, universities were to give people a higher education to help succeed in life and not to groom jocks for pro sports.

Keep the unions out of college sports. If you think you’re that great of an athlete, fight the requirements to get into pro sports right after high school.

Shane Allen