TPP must be dumped for jobs


Talk about fighting an uphill battle! We have the large majority of Tea Party Republicans and a bunch of Democrats along with the president pushing another job-killing Free Trade Agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

This is the same group that OK’d the South Korean Free Trade Agreement. They were told by everyone in labor that this was a bad deal for workers and steel and pipe producers.

Did they listen?


Now we have South Korea and also China dumping pipe, steel and steel-related products on our shores destroying jobs and causing plant closures. U.S. Steel just announced that they are idling two tube-making plants, one in Texas and one in Pennsylvania. Let’s see how fast Ted Cruz from Texas and Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania get started on trying to keep these plants operating and stop the job loss.

Dream on, people. These two are in the back pocket of the Tea Party and we all know their philosophy. They hate unions, they hate regulation and they hate the idea of someone being on Medicare and Social Security.

NAFTA was the first bad deal but did we learn? Over a million jobs lost and thousands of plant shutdowns and we just keep on signing more and more bad deals.

I thought President Obama was listening to people like USW President Leo Gerard but apparently he wasn’t. This is the one item that he should never negotiate with the corporate Republicans on and I’m really disappointed that even one Democrat voted for the South Korean pact.

Hopefully the International Trade Commission rules for U.S. Steel and other steel and tube makers and punishes the Koreans and the Chinese. And hopefully President Obama and the Democrats shoot down the biggest job killer of all, the TPP.

Bud McKelvey

Hermitage, Pa.